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Our Rooms – we cater to all ages!


Baby Room

In our Baby Room, we provide exceptional care for children aged 3 months to 6 years. Our focus is on creating a consistent and nurturing environment that supports your child's individual development. We prioritise routines and freedom of movement to encourage their growth and independence. 

Our daily experiences are tailored to meet each child's unique needs and interests, encompassing activities such as arts and crafts, music and movement, outdoor play, and imaginative play. We strive to make the transition from home to child care seamless by catering to each child's individual routine and fostering a warm and engaging atmosphere that promotes independence.

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Toddler Room

As children reach the age of two, they enter our Toddler Room. This stage is marked by their growing independence and exploration of the world. To provide focused attention and guidance, we maintain a low child-to-educator ratio, with a maximum of 15 children and 3-4 educators. 

Our dedicated educators work closely with each child, helping them develop essential skills for pre-kindy, including task persistence and self-regulation. We promote social development through clear and respectful communication, along with the introduction of safe and natural consequences. Our room offers a wide range of materials to refine sensory perception and foster literacy and mathematical understanding.


Pre-Kindy Room

Our Pre-Kindy room is designed for children aged 3-4 years, preparing them for their kindergarten years. We offer a nurturing environment that encourages imaginative exploration and confident, creative self-expression. Our focus is on developing self-confidence, intellectual independence, and an understanding of the child's role within their community, culture, and the natural world. 

Experiences are carefully planned to meet the needs of the children, encompassing activities such as construction, literacy and numeracy, outdoor play, gardening, water play, and pretend play. We provide a rich and diverse learning environment to support each child's growth and readiness for formal schooling.

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Kindy Room & Pre-School

Our Kindy Room is dedicated to preparing children for their schooling years. With a greater emphasis on academic development, we recognise and support their growing curiosity and concentration levels. Our qualified teachers deliver more formal academic lessons tailored to their developmental stages. 

Alongside these lessons, children participate in specialised classes covering IT education, numeracy and literacy, food preparation, gardening, art and craft, and music and movement. Our Pre-school group focuses on school readiness, fostering independence in toileting, personal belongings, table activities, workbooks for numeracy and literacy, and reading skills.

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